Today we have launched a feature that helps you set up your User Guide under your domain's folder, not a subdomain.

In other words, instead of you can now have

This is way better for SEO as Google might treat a subdomain like a completely different domain, even though it's under your main domain.

To have this feature implemented for your domain:

  • Your account must be upgraded to a subscription plan.
  • You will need root access to your Nginx or Apache server, where your marketing website is served from.
  • We will give you a piece of a directive (code) to implement in your server, which tells it to point to our servers when serving your user guide from Subsection.
  • Note: If your marketing site is under a setup other than Nginx or Apache, let us know, and we'll try to make it work for you.

To have this feature implemented say, and we will help you 1-on-1 to implement this it.