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Coming Soon: Knowledge Bases + User Guides + Changelogs.

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For SaaS businesses who want to manage all their support documents in one place.

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User Guides as a Ranking Strategy in Google

“If you are looking to get started with your SaaS SEO journey, start with writing user guides for all your smallest SaaS features. Then optimize them for SEO by adding a benefit to the title. You’ll create SEO relevance + great customer support. Now add rich media to these user guides (YouTube video, maybe a podcast, etc) and do links. This will send further strong signals to Google.”

Ricky from SaaSWrites

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First in the market!

Apps like Intercom, Crisp, and Helpscout, offer only one aspect of support pages and that is Knowledge Bases.

Subsection aims to cover all four!

Currently offering User Guides. Soon after, Knowledge Bases, Documentation, and Changelogs will be launched — all managed from a single account.


Currently we're offering one theme. Soon, you will be able to choose from a variety of themes that fit your SaaS best and then customize it with basic or advanced options.

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A word from the Founder

Subsection is an app that is crucial to three departments within your SaaS: Customer Support Department so your app's users can easily find the help they need without having to contact you, Content Marketing Department so you can quickly rank in Google with the content you already know, and Product Department which improves the app based on findings from anonymized searches by your users.

Val Sopi, Founder

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